Case #5 - The Role of Accounting in Society

Instructor Notes

Let your students think about the purpose of accounting before you give them answer. The problem based learning case works well at the start of an introductory class.

Difficulty: Easy

Learning Objectives: IFAB 1-1, FFAC 1-1, Survey 1-1

Implementation: Distribute copies of the the case to the class before providing any explanation of accounting. Ask students to read the case and individually develop questions as directed in the case. Create a collaborative experience where students share their questions. After allowing students time to develop their individual responses, put them into groups to compare the questions they have developed individually. Form groups of three or four students with an assignment of reaching consensus on three questions to ask the accountant. Allow groups time to develop answers. Also have each group select a spokesperson.

Handouts and Solution for Case #5 available on Resources Page

The Role of Accounting in Society

Assume that you are considering going into business with Linda Wilson. Assume that I am Linda’s accountant and that you can ask me three questions. Write down the three questions that you would ask.