Financial Accounting with Delayed Debits and Credits

Teacher: Chris Edmonds

Text / Resources: Introductory Financial Accounting for Business


Overview: I teach with IFAB 1e at UAB. The course is flipped meaning students watch lecture videos in Connect before class and then the majority of class time is spent working problems. I typically start class with a short mini-lecture and then put the students to work using problem sets and work-papers. I allow students to work in groups. Some times we play games using the Socrative app (download class quizzes below). The class is fun and engaging to teach.


Audience: Undergraduate Business Majors

Meets: 1 hour 15 minutes twice a week for 14 weeks

Class Size: 110-170

Please email for additional resources: Chris's Connect Course, Work Paper Solutions, etc. There are also many additional resources available in Connect.
Socrative Quizzes for this Course (refer to Syllabus for course mapping)

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Day 10 Quiz

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Day 14 Quiz

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Day 27 Space Race