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The purpose of this blog is to facilitate teaching introductory accounting with a business decision-making approach. Historically, the introductory accounting courses have focused on manual accounting procedures like recording entries into a journal.  In our view, this approach provides some service to accounting majors but little benefit to the nearly 80% of non-majors in introductory. Further, technology, like automated data capture software, has greatly diminished the importance of learning manual accounting procedures even for accounting majors.  While accounting procedure still has its place, today’s students need a conceptual understanding of accounting that facilitates decision-making and critical thinking. To that end, blog posts are organized around the following topics:


Teaching Accounting - You can't think critically about something you do not understand. Too often students attempt to memorize accounting and never really understand what is going on. In these posts, we provide our thoughts and experience on teaching introductory accounting in a way that facilitates actual learning and decision-making:


  • Content Organization - Articles related to the order in which accounting topics should be presented.

  • Decision Making - Teaching tools that get students to focus on decision-making instead of memorizing procedure. 

  • Connect - Short videos on how to get the most out of Connect

Cases - We offer two types of cases 1) Problem-based learning and 2) Real-world. The problem-based learning cases force students to come up with their own solutions to proposed accounting problems. The real-world cases cover current topics and use actual financial statements. Bringing cases into the classroom is a great way to facilitate discussion and critical thinking. 


  • Financial Cases - Short real-world  and problem-based learning cases that relate to topics covered in our Financial texts

  • Managerial Cases - Short real-world and problem-based learning cases that relate to topics covered in our Managerial text

  • Big Data Cases - Short real-world and problem-based learning cases on data analytics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain

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