About This Blog

Thanks for checking out our blog! The purpose of this space is to provide resources and share our experiences in teaching introductory accounting with a business decision-making approach. We believe that introductory accounting has focused too heavily on manual recording procedure and is not providing college students the skills necessary to be successful in the world today. Today’s market values critical thinking more than the ability to follow a set of procedures that can be automated by a computer. To that end, the resources you will find on this blog will help you shift your introductory class to a more decision-making focus.


The blog includes posts on our experiences in teaching introductory accounting and short cases that we use in our classes to facilitate critical thinking. The cases are designed for introductory accounting students. To that end, they are simple, short, and designed to get students thinking about the types of problems accountants face. Getting students to think about the problem before providing them with the solution helps to stimulate interest in the practice of accounting. We hope that you will find them useful.


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Chris, Tom, MarkJennifer, and Phil